Systems Salamander

Salamander Streamline Vision 7k


Technical parameters:

- Constructive width - 76 mm
- Number of chambers – 7
- Thermal insulating glazing to 48 mm, including two-cambers
- Diathermanous coefficient - under 1,2 W/m2K.
- Noisemeter index - 47 dB

Basic market advantages of the system:

Manufactured only in Germany in compliance with the German quality standard RAL GZ – 716;
Class А profiles according to the European norm EN 12608:2003;
Extremely long life - over 60 years;
Light-resistant and really stable against climate impact;
Attractive design in combination of high functionality ;
Maximum easily cleaning and support;
Brilliant white color and shiny surface;
Rich color spectrum: 4 possibilities for a basis color , over 40 color suggestions for decorating folio, 16 of which are wood lacquering in about 1600 colors according to RAL, 100% possibilities for recycling and excellent eco balance.

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