Systems Alumil

Alumil M 11000


M 11000 is a system for aluminium joinery without disconnected thermal bridge of 24 mm, which provides optimal heat insulation. It satisfies the contemporary aesthetical requirements to the joinery in combination with the necessary structure characteristics of the profiles.
It is optimized in regards to the correlation maximum structure stability and minimum quantity of aluminium used. This system allows fulfillment of fixed and opened positions.
Profile reinforcement in the points, bearing the stress. The system allows fulfillment of fixed and opened positions.
Opening – a common way of opening, tilting and turning, a possibility for inwards and outwards opening, tilting, type “concertina” opening, parallel sliding.
Fixing of Т – profiles – with screws or Т – brackets
Calculations for choosing the necessary profile.
Profiles for completion to the floor for reliable congestion.
Additional profiles
- additional profiles for finishing on the wall
- additional to the door sash with grooves for brushes and gaskets
- additional to the socle with grooves for brushes and gaskets
Thresholds – two types
Drip profiles and drip profiles cups – for reliable watertightness: straight and curved
Plastic cups for drip profiles.

Reliable drain system of grooves for derivation of condensed water
Glazing beads– with straight-line and curved ones, allowing glasses and thermal insulating glazing installation from 6mm to 34 mm.
Specially designed EPDM gaskets for achieving optimum construction sealing. Three gasket items: outer, central and inner.
Specially developed central gasket, with the aim to increase heat insulation and better sealing– new!
Vulcanized corner with central gasket. Provides maximal insulation - new!
Threshold gasket– provides flat surface , heat insulation and easy exploitation.
The system has been designed with EUROGROOVE, which makes it usable with a wide range of casing.
Corner fitting – extruded for crimping machine;

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