Systems Etem

Etem Е 24


Е 24 is an extremely stable and reliable system for aluminium joinery with implementing wider polyamide bands – 24mm . This system is based on the system Е 2004 .
The system is entirely developed by the Bulgarian designers` team. And certified by NICI.
Heat transfer coefficient Uf=2,34 W/m?.K,
group 2.1 /2< Uf<=2,8 W/m?.K /according to DIN 4108
The profiles of the series Е 24 are manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the following standards :  DIN 4108; DIN 18056; EN 12412.
Rich variety, clean design and functionality of the profiles.
The system allows implementation of fixed and opened positions.
Ways of openingcommon opening, tilting and turning, inwards and outwards opening, tilting, the type “concertina”, sliding and tilting.
Casementstwo casements with straight line; four casements with different width and curved line;
Covering casements- standard; for implementation in curtain walls; with big chamber and possibility for filling with polystyrene foam.
Special casements for doors (without rabbet)inwards and outwards opening, implementation in the curtain wall
Combined casements for joinery and shutters.
Sashestwo sizes for windows and two for doors, with a possibility for inwards and outwards opening;
Sashes for coating frame.
Sashes for doors without rabbet - inwards and outwards opening;
Т – profiles – 7 types with different inertia characteristics.
They satisfy the possible variations in the correlation height and width of the position.
Fixing of Т – profiles – with screws or Т – brackets.
Two types of coating Т – profiles
Т – profile with a big chamber, and possibility for filling with polystyrene foam.
Profiles for finishing towards the floor for reliable sealing.
Drip profile and drip profile cups– for reliable water tightness: straight and curved.
Plastic cups for the drip profiles..

Reliable drain system of grooves for condensed water. That is one solution which is preferred by most of the architects.
The profiles for doors without rabbet allow manufacturing of heavy entrance doors with an excellent vision.
Glazing beadswith straight-line and curved ones, allowing implementation of glasses and thermal insulating glazing from 20 to 46 mm.
Additional profiles for finishing on the wall.
Specially designed EPDM gaskets with increased contact area / 6mm /, in order to achieve optimum sealing of the construction. Three gaskets items: outer, central and inner.
Specially designed central gasket, in order to increase the heat insulation and achieving better sealingnew!
Threshold gasketprovides flat surface, heat insulation and easy exploitation.
The system has been designed with EUROGROOVE, which makes it usable with a wide range of casing.
Joint corner bracketsextruded for crimping machine;

10 years of guarantee of the aluminium profile coating.

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